Proving Product Performance

Here at Oriflame, when we make a claim about our products, we know it's true and that's thanks to our state of the art clinical testing facility, Ori-Derm. So if we state a product creates plumper lips for up to 3 hours or visibly reduces wrinkles by 20%, you can truly trust us. Ori-Derm uses the latest technology including high definition photography, computer analysis and specifically designed sensors to test the effectiveness of our cosmetic products, allowing us to make the promises you see every day in our catalogue.

We test a wide range of products from anti-ageing and anti-cellulite creams, to mascaras and lipsticks...and so much more. We even have a fully functioning hair salon, which allows us to evaluate our hair care products. We also have the equipment to perform advanced skincare studies in our Dermevaluation and Photobiology suites, using high tech 2D and 3D imaging systems – it doesn't get more comprehensive than that.

At Ori-Derm we evaluate and substantiate our claims using real people, in real conditions to get real results. We rely on our extensive panel of volunteers from the local community, people just like you, which ensures we always receive real results. The safety of our volunteers is of course always of paramount importance and we have strict procedures in place to ensure their well-being. Ori-Derm was created to give you peace of mind that every Oriflame claim you read is true and will give you the results you desire – so why not spend time reading about our products, safe in the knowledge that what we promise, we deliver.


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